Tuesday, 6 August 2013

recipe of peanut dahi vada

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
Soaking time: 4 - 5 hrs.
dahi vada
peanut dahi vada
Peanut dahi vada / Dahi vada / dahi bhalla / doi bora looks delicious, yummy and full of mouth watering dish. It's my 1st try to do it at my home and it’s become very tasty with nice flavor and taste of peanuts when we take bites of peanut dahi vada. An awesome flavor full dish made by me especially for yesterday’s dinner at my home. When I represented peanut dahi vada dish in front of my family members, they all became happy and said, "wow!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!” When we take bites of peanut dahi vada, we never believe an amazing taste of it with flavors of peanuts. 

Actually, my mom love peanuts. So, she really likes peanut dahi vada too much. When I fried peanut vada, so it gives such a nice aroma of peanuts at my kitchen. When vada fried completely and I just add into water for 5 - 6 minutes. At that time, I noticed it’s become so soft and I like it so much because of its softness and I eagerly waited to taste it. I just felt unhappy because lack of coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds at my home. If i had it, so my dish become so colorful and yummy with nice taste of its. 
moong dal
moong & urad dal
Here, I used moong / mung dal with salted peanuts. You can use black gram / chana dal instead of moong dal. You can also use unsalted peanuts instead of salted peanuts. As per your choice, you can make combination of peanut dahi vada. Dahi vada is most popular and favorite dish. Majority of us, serve dahi vada as a starter form or as a chaat form. 

Generally, dahi vada made on "Kali Chaudash" before Diwali festival at my home. In India, majority people made dahi vada on "Kali Chaudash". It’s one kind of Indian tradition to celebrate festivals. You can serve peanut dahi vada with green chutney as well as sweet chutney. Even you can also serve hot vada just sprinkle with chat masala on it. Yes, you can serve hot crispy vada as teatime snack. 

You can also use mint leaves for garnish it. You can also serve dahi vada as a side dish at dinner time in front of your family members. 

It’s my guarantee, when you serve peanut dahi vada to your family members, they fully impress with this tasty, yummy, delicious and mouth watering dish of peanut dahi vada. Enjoy with your lovely chaat dish peanut dahi vada with your friends and family members. 

1. 1/2 cup Salted peanuts 
2. 1 cup moong dal / mung dal 
3. 3 teaspoon urad dal 
4. Salt (taste wise) 
5. 2 tbsp Green pest (green chilies, ginger) 
6. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder 
7. 1/4 teaspoon asafoetida powder / hing 
8. 1 - 2 lemon 
9. Oil (for deep fry) 
10. 1 cup curd 
11. 1 tbsp sugar powder 
12. 1 teaspoon red chili powder 
13. 1 teaspoon coriander powder 
14. 1 tbsp green chutney 
15. 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves 
16. 1 tbsp sev 
17. 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds 
18. 1 glass of Water 

1. Take a bowl, add moong dal, urad dal and water in it. Now, wash it and drain excess water from it. 
2. Again add water and soak moong dal and urad dal in it for 4 - 5 hours. 
moong dal with water
Wash & soak into water
3. Now, Take a mixer bowl, add peanuts and little water in it and make a smooth and thick pest of it. 
Make peanut pest
4. Now, Transfer peanut pest to a bowl. 
pest of peanut
peanut pest ready
5. Now, add chopped green chilies and ginger in a mixer bowl and make a smooth pest of it. 
add green chili and ginger
Make green pest
6. After 4 - 5 hours, add moong dal and urad dal with 1 teaspoon green pest in a mixer bowl and also add salt taste wise in it and make a smooth & thick pest of it. 
moong dal in mixer
Add moong & urad dal
7. Now, transfer it to a peanut pest bowl, also add green pest in it. mix it properly. 

moong dal pest
Mix all pest
lemon juice
Add lemon juice
8. Add lemon juice, black pepper powder, asafoetida powder (hing) in it and again mix it properly. (Note: If better become so smooth add gram flour in it because thick better is needed to make vada.) 
black pepper powder
Add black pepper powder
asafoetida powder
add asafoetida powder
9. Heat oil in a thick pan for deep fry vada from the better. 
10. Now, take small portion of better and add it to heated oil and fry vada on low flame till it become light golden color from both sides. 
fry vada
Fry vada
11. Now, transfer it to a paper nepkin. 
12. Take another bowl, add 1 glass of water in it and add fried vada in it. Soak it into water for 5 - 7 minutes. (You can put round shape of vada.)
vada in water
soak vada into water
13. Now, remove excess water from the vada by pressing vada using your hands and put it into a plate. (Note: Here, use your both palm)
remove water from vada
Remove water from vada
14. Now, take a bowl of curd, add sugar powder and salt in it and mix it properly. 
Add Salt
sugar powder
Add sugar powder

15. Apply curd on vada and also sprinkle red chili powder and coriander powder in it and apply small dots of green chutney on each vada. 
red chili powder
Sprinkle red chili, coriander powder
16. Now, Garnish it with sev, coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds. 
peanut dahi wada
Add sev

1. You can also sprinkle chat masala on it at garnish time.
2. You can also use sweet chutney in it. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

recipe of beetroot cheese shakarpara

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Total time: 25 minutes
beetroot shakarpara
Beetroot cheese shakarpara

Beetroot cheese shakarpara / beetroot shakarpara is very healthy and yummy tea time snacks. Here, cheese is completely optional. If you don't want to add cheese in beetroot cheese shakarpara then just avoid it. Now - a days, people too much conscious about their health as well as their diet schedule.

I really like cheese because cheese contains great source of protein and calcium. It also helps you to reduce your body weight and for that you have to choose lower fat cheese. Cheese also contains nutrition like zinc it helps to protect your skin and growth of nails and hair health. If you choose full fat cheese then it contains full calories and also increase cholesterol level in your body and also it damages to your memory. In the market, many kinds of cheese are available. So, i always want to give an advice that you have to check all labels of cheese carefully without any hesitations and always prefer to purchase cheese that is low in sodium and low fat because cheese contains lots of sodium so it directly put bad effects on your blood pressure.

My friend is 33 years old and she is very tall but too much thin. So, she just want to take such kind of medicines for improve her body growth. Because of unfit body, she can't marry and always rejected by only this reason. She was completely frustrated because of her unfit body. One day, she tried to share her problem with me and told me I want to take visit of specialist doctor. We both were gone to hospital. After so many discussion, doctor conclude that I advice you to eat full fat cheese, butter, boiled gram, etc when you are too much hungry and no need to take any kind of medicines. Now, she is completely feet and very happy in her life.

I am just sharing one real story of my friend's life but it's not mean that cheese become beneficial for all humans. I just want to give an advice that no needs to eat cheese too much in a day. If you don't live without cheese so always remember to carefully read its all labels.

I really like to eat cheese that's why i used it in my beetroot cheese shakarpara but it’s totally optional. You can use or avoid it as per your choice. You can also make beetroot shakarpara. It's also give nice taste to your snacks.

Here, I was used juice of beetroot for made dough of shakarpara because I don't want to eat beetroot bites. So, i always prefer to make juice of it’s and make innovative and healthy recipes for my family members.
Even kids also love the taste of beetroot cheese shakarpara. This is one good source to eat beetroot by kids.

1. 2 cup maida (plain flour)
2. 1 cup beetroot juice
3. 1 cup grated cheese
4. 2 tbsp ghee
5. Salt (as per taste)
6. Oil (for fry)
7. 2 teaspoon red chili powder (Optional)

1. Take a bowl, add maida, salt and red chili powder in it and mix it properly.
add masala in flour
Add salt & red chili
2. Add 2 tbsp ghee in it and again mash it and mix it properly.
add ghee
Add ghee
3. Now, add grated cheese in it and mix it properly.
add cheese in flour
Add cheese
4. Take a juice of beetroot, add little little beetroot juice in maida, mix it and make a semi - hard dough.
add beetroot juice in flour
Add beetroot juice
5. Now, divide the dough into 6 - 7 large equal portions.
divide dough
divide dough equally
6. Now, take one by one portion of dough and roll out it till it become semi thin. 
roll out dough
Roll out a portion 
7. Now, cut it with the help of cutter or knife and try to give diamond shape to it.
cut into diamond shape
Cut it into diamond shape
8. Now, heat oil in a thick pan for fry shakarpara.
9. Add shakarpara in heated oil and fry it on medium flame till it become light pink.
fry beetroot shakarpara
fry beetroot cheese shakarpara
10. Transfer it to a paper napkin and put it asides for 30 minutes.
11. Your beetroot cheese shakarpara is ready to serve. You can also store it in an air tight container for long time.
ready to serve shakarpara
ready to serve

Tip: Sprinkle chat masala over fried beetroot cheese shakarpara. It gives delicious taste to beetroot cheese shakarpara.

Monday, 29 July 2013

recipe of beetroot cabbage pakoda

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Total time: 25 minutes

beetroot cabbage pakoda
Beetroot cabbage pakoda

Beetroot cabbage pakoda / Beetroot cabbage pakora is mouthwatering dish. You can serve beetroot cabbage pakoda at teatime. Hot hot crispy and spicy beetroot cabbage pakoda become more delicious when we add onions in it. Oh wow, amazing flavor and taste of onion helps to enhance taste of beetroot cabbage pakoda. Beetroot cabbage pakoda is very yummy try it at your home with your friends. It's my guarantee that all your friends will be impressed when they taste it and look its delicious color. 

I just want to try this beetroot cabbage pakoda and for that i used beetroot juice, chopped cabbage, onion, green chilies, and corianders. Oh yes, I also used left over potatoes stuffing of Beetroot aloo kachori. Potatoes stuffing give such a nice taste to this beetroot cabbage pakoda. It gives taste like farali kachori.

At my home, we are celebrating beetroot special recipes. Only for this reason I tried a lot to make something delicious and tasty food from beetroot. We all are enjoying a lot these beetroot special recipes at our home. I don’t like more sweet dishes so; I tried to make such kinds of spicy tasty dishes. I was so excited to do that healthy pakoda for my family members.

I mixed all ingredients of pakoda like cabbage, onion, corianders and green chilies. At that time, my mom reminds me about left over potatoes mixture. She asked me what to do from left over potatoes mixture??? I replied her give it to me I will manage it. Then I just mixed it with all ingredients of pakoda. When I mix all ingredients it become so soft that’s why I felt to add corn flour in it for proper thickness of pakoda’s mixture. Oh wow, it’s worked. My pakoda’s mixture becomes thick as compare to previous. Then I just made rounds of it and deep it to plain flour better and fried it.

When I do it and serve it in front of my family members. They said to me that beetroot cabbage pakoda really looking so nice and yummy because of its delicious natural color.  When they taste it said awesome. Hahahahahahahaha … I was so happy with my creation. My papa told me that does it again I like it so much.

I also like the taste of beetroot cabbage pakoda and I hope that when you do it at your home you will definitely like its taste and crunchiness of beetroot cabbage pakoda. It’s my guarantee that you will also impress your guest and family members at the time of get to gather at your home.

Here, I was used the juice of beetroot but If you want to use grated beetroot or slices of beetroot then use it with all other ingredients of beetroot cabbage pakoda. I don’t want to take bite of beetroot when I eat pakoda so I just prefer juice of beetroot.

1. 1 bowl left over potatoes stuffing (beetroot aloo kachori)
2. 1/2 bowl beetroot juice
3. 1/2 cup chopped cabbage
4. 2 onions finely chopped
5. 2 - 3 green chilies finely chopped
6. 2 tbsp coriander leaves finely chopped
7. 1 tbsp corn flour
8. 1 tbsp maida (Plain flour)
9. Salt (taste wise)
10. 1/2 teaspoon Black pepper powder
11. 2 teaspoon red chili powder
12. 1 teaspoon coriander powder
13. 2 teaspoon chat masala (for just sprinkle on pakoda)
14. Oil (for deep fry)

1. Take a bowl, Add chopped cabbage, onion, coriander leaves, green chilies and left over potatoes stuffing in it. Now, mix it properly. 
pakoda ingredients
Mix all ingredients
2. Add red chili powder, coriander powder, black pepper powder and salt in it, mix it properly.
pakora ingredients with masala
Add masala
3. Now, add corn flour in it and again mix it properly.
add corn flour in pakoda mixture
Add corn flour
4. Take another bowl, add maida (plain flour), salt and beetroot juice in it. Make a thick better of it.
pakoda better with beetroot juice
beetroot juice in maida
5. Now, Take a thick pan, heat oil in it for fry pakoda.
6. Take a portion of pakoda mixture and deep into better of plain flour and put it to heat oil.
deep fry pakoda
deep pakoda mixture in maida better
7. Fry pakoda in heated oil on medium flame till it become light pink on both the sides.
fry beetroot pakoda
Fry beetroot cabbage pakoda
8. Transfer it to paper nepkin and sprinkle chat masala on it.
9. Ready to serve hot beetroot cabbage pakoda with tomato ketchup.
beetroot cabbage pakora
Beetroot cabbage pakora

Tip: you can use grated or chopped beetroot in it.

recipe of beetroot cabbage pakoda
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Friday, 26 July 2013

recipe of beetroot aloo kachori

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
beetroot aloo kachori
Beetroot Aloo kachori
Beetroot kachori / beetroot aloo kachori / beetroot aloo samosa / beetroot ghughara / beetroot aloo ghughara whatever you want to called this dish you can call it. It’s looking very yummy and delicious because of its bright color. Beetroot aloo kachori is very spicy and tasty when it serves with tomato ketchup. You can serve this delicious dish to your kids as teatime snacks. Beetroot aloo kachori is very simple and easy to cook same as samosa.

Here, I was used the stuffing of samosa but I didn’t used green peas in it. If you want to use green peas in it then you can add it. Just for potatoes stuffing, I would like to call it beetroot aloo samosa. But, I tried to give shape to this beetroot kachori is like sweet dish "Ghughara". So, I would like to call it beetroot aloo ghughara.

As I earlier told you that beetroot is very healthy for our body because of potassium, Iron, carbohydrate, law fat calories, also vitamins like A, B6, and C. So, I want to give an advice to all of you. “Please, never try to avoid beetroot.” If you don’t like the taste of it then used juice of beetroot daily.  It’s really very beneficial for us.

Actually, I don’t like the taste of beetroot but I really love its natural colors and all its benefits especially for human body. I remember when I was so little, my father was very ill, and the percentage of blood from his body had been reduced. Hemoglobin totally decreases from his body. My father would tell me a few words then he would soon be tired. He was very weak. We all are worried for him. Even our family doctor also worried for my father. After few days of medical treatment, our family doctor advised him to eat a beetroot every day. After doctor’s advice my father started to drink the juice of beetroot 3 to 4 times in a day. After 3 - 4 days my father feels very good. In those 3 – 4 days, hemoglobin continuously increases in my father’s body. He got all his energy and powers again in his body. Oh its surprise for all of us, my father becomes healthy again. Thank god!!!!!!!!!

So If you also don't like to eat beetroot then make something from it and then eat, I guarantee you will sure like it. Here today I teach you to make beetroot aloo kachori, see the whole recipe below and make yourself and taste it. Waiting of your great response. 

Ingredients for stuffing:
1. 4 potatoes boiled
2. 2 tbsp green pest (green chilies and ginger)
3. 1 teaspoon red chili powder
4. 1 teaspoon coriander powder
5. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder
6. Salt (taste wise)
7. 1 tbsp coriander leaves (chopped)
8. Oil (for deep fry)

Ingredients for Dough:
1. 2 cup maida (plain flour)
2. Salt (taste wise)
3. 2 tbsp warm oil
4. 1 cup beetroot juice
5. 1 cup of Water

Recipe for Dough:
1. Take a thick bowl, add maida, salt,  warm oil in it. Mix it properly.
2. Now, add little little beetroot juice in it and make hard dough. (If needed then use little little water for making hard dough)
3. Cover the dough with the help of muslin cloth and put aside for 10 - 15 minutes.

Recipe for stuffing:
1. Take a bowl, add boiled potatoes in it and mash it properly.
potatoes stuffing
Potatoes stuffing
2. Now add red chili powder, coriander powder, black pepper powder and salt in it, mix it properly.
Potatoes mix with masala
3. Take a thick pan, heat 2 teaspoon oil in it.
4. Now, add green pest in it and saute it for few seconds.
green pest
Green pest
5. Now add potatoes mixture in it and mix it properly for 2 - 3 minutes on medium flame.
Saute in heat oil
Saute in heat oil
6. Add chopped coriander leaves in it and transfer it to a plate.
coriander leaves
Coriander in potatoes stuffing

Recipe for beetroot kachori:
1. Take a dough and mash it properly till it become semi soft.
beetroot dough
beetroot in maida
2. Divide the dough into 10 - 15 equal portion.
3. Take a portion and roll out small circle of 4" to 6" diameters from it. 
beetroot puri
Beetroot puri with potato stuffing
4. Now, add 1 - 2 tsp of potatoes stuffing in it and seal with remaining part of dough by applying water.
seal kachori
Cover it properly
5. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining dough.
6. Now, heat oil in a thick pan, and add kachori in it and fry it on low flame till it become light pink then transfer it on a medium flame and fry it for 4 - 5 minutes or it become light brown on both the sides.
Fry beetroot kachori
7. Transfer it to a butter pepper on a plate and ready to serve with tomato ketchup.
beetroot ghughara
Beetroot ghughara
beetroot samosa
Beetroot samosa
Tip: You can add kismis in potatoes stuffing.

recipe of beetroot aloo kachori
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

recipe of beetroot coconut laddu

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
beetroot coconut laddu
Beetroot coconut laddu
Beetroot coconut laddu / beetroot coconut ladoo is really very easy dish. You can do it without the use of stove. Are you surprised????? Yes I know you definitely surprised. Your mind constantly asking you how is it possible??? Or How to make laddu without the use of stove??? Or how is it possible to make beetroot coconut laddu?????? Am I right???? Oh yes, I know I am absolutely right today. Now, no need to be more surprise because it’s completely true that beetroot coconut ladoo made easily at home without the use of stove. Oh yes, i forgot to told you that beetroot coconut laddu made from simple ingredients.

Actually, my hubby interested to eat something new and he always told do something new because I want to eat something special or new every day. So, all time I confused what to do and how to do.

Yesterday, my mom purchased beetroot from the market and I just shocked oh my god beetroot came at my home. When my hubby come at home I suddenly asked him did you really like beetroot. He said No, I never like it. I also never like beetroot but I like its natural color a lot. Beetroot have god gifted color.

Actually, mom wants to make beetroot halwa at home. But, I and my hubby really dislike sweet dishes.  Suddenly, an idea came in my mind to make something new from beetroot. So, I and my hubby can also eat beetroot. Because I know beetroot is very healthy for human body.  Beetroot contains vitamin A, B6, C and also contain full of potassium, magnesium, Iron, Carbohydrate, protein and fiber. Beetroot also help to reduce blood pressure and heart attack risk. Beetroot is also law calories and fat free vegetable. So, you can also use it for diet food. Beetroot also helps to maintain blood sugar level in your body.  I know all benefits of beetroot that’s why I never wish to avoid it.

Suddenly, I got an idea. I just find out grated coconut in the kitchen.  It just 1 bowl nothing more than that, so I just confused and I feel too much laziness to start stove only for 1 bowl of coconut powder.  My mind continuously thinks what to do now???? Whether I should have to go at market or not for more grated coconut??? After 10 – 15 minutes, I feel that I just want to do it for try then no need to be worry for quantity of ingredients. It’s completely enough for trying any kind of dish. Now, I peeled and chopped half beetroot and make juice of it. I just make juice of it because I don’t want to use too much quantity of beetroot because we really dislike it. So, I just want to use juice of it because of its natural color. Beetroot natural color really gives delicious and yummy look to my special dish.

When my dish is ready I was so happy by looking it delicious color and taste. When I serve to my family members they all were said “Wow!!!!!” I was so happy when I was heard this word from them. Also, I can’t believe when my hubby really like it so much and told me I want to eat more. Oh my god, it’s really big surprise for me because he never like beetroot, coconut or more sweet dishes then also he want to eat more beetroot coconut ladoo. It’s really an amazing experience of beetroot special recipe.  My family members really like it a lot and papa told me that do it more we want to eat beetroot coconut laddu.

You can also do it at your home for celebrating any kind of festival. I am decided to do beetroot coconut laduu on this ‘Rakhi festival’ because my brother also dislikes beetroot and I wish he really like this dish. You can also serve beetroot coconut ladoo as sweet dish in your kids party or any kind of party. You can also serve beetroot coconut laduu after finishing of dinner.

1. 1 cup dry grated coconut
2. 2 tbsp beetroot juice
3. 2 tbsp sugar powder
4. 2 tbsp milk
5. 2 tbsp finely chopped Almond
6. Pinch cardamom powder

1. Take a bowl, add sugar powder and chopped almond in it, mix it properly.
almond & sugar
Almond and sugar powder
2. Now, add 2 tbsp beetroot juice in it and mix it properly.
add beetroot juice
add beetroot juice
3. Now, add 2 tbsp milk in it and again mix it properly till sugar completely mix in it.
add milk in beetroot
Add milk in beetroot mixture
4. Take a bowl of grated coconut and add pinch cardamom powder in it and mix it properly. (Note: Its used just for flavor you can avoid it)
grated coconut
Add Cardamom powder
5. Now, add little little mixture of beetroot juice to the bowl of grated coconut and mix it.
beetroot juice with coconut
Add beetroot mixture

6. When you can easily make balls from coconut mixture then no need to add more beetroot juice in it.
beetroot coconut laddu mixture
Beetroot coconut laddu mixture is ready
7. Try to make small balls from the remaining mixture of coconut. (Oh wow, Its look like a Jamun fruits.)
beetroot coconut ladoo
Beetroot coconut ladoo
8. Now, put it into refrigerator for an hour. 

Tip: Garnish it with the help of mint leaves.

recipe of beetroot coconut laddu
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