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recipe of beetroot coconut laddu

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
beetroot coconut laddu
Beetroot coconut laddu
Beetroot coconut laddu / beetroot coconut ladoo is really very easy dish. You can do it without the use of stove. Are you surprised????? Yes I know you definitely surprised. Your mind constantly asking you how is it possible??? Or How to make laddu without the use of stove??? Or how is it possible to make beetroot coconut laddu?????? Am I right???? Oh yes, I know I am absolutely right today. Now, no need to be more surprise because it’s completely true that beetroot coconut ladoo made easily at home without the use of stove. Oh yes, i forgot to told you that beetroot coconut laddu made from simple ingredients.

Actually, my hubby interested to eat something new and he always told do something new because I want to eat something special or new every day. So, all time I confused what to do and how to do.

Yesterday, my mom purchased beetroot from the market and I just shocked oh my god beetroot came at my home. When my hubby come at home I suddenly asked him did you really like beetroot. He said No, I never like it. I also never like beetroot but I like its natural color a lot. Beetroot have god gifted color.

Actually, mom wants to make beetroot halwa at home. But, I and my hubby really dislike sweet dishes.  Suddenly, an idea came in my mind to make something new from beetroot. So, I and my hubby can also eat beetroot. Because I know beetroot is very healthy for human body.  Beetroot contains vitamin A, B6, C and also contain full of potassium, magnesium, Iron, Carbohydrate, protein and fiber. Beetroot also help to reduce blood pressure and heart attack risk. Beetroot is also law calories and fat free vegetable. So, you can also use it for diet food. Beetroot also helps to maintain blood sugar level in your body.  I know all benefits of beetroot that’s why I never wish to avoid it.

Suddenly, I got an idea. I just find out grated coconut in the kitchen.  It just 1 bowl nothing more than that, so I just confused and I feel too much laziness to start stove only for 1 bowl of coconut powder.  My mind continuously thinks what to do now???? Whether I should have to go at market or not for more grated coconut??? After 10 – 15 minutes, I feel that I just want to do it for try then no need to be worry for quantity of ingredients. It’s completely enough for trying any kind of dish. Now, I peeled and chopped half beetroot and make juice of it. I just make juice of it because I don’t want to use too much quantity of beetroot because we really dislike it. So, I just want to use juice of it because of its natural color. Beetroot natural color really gives delicious and yummy look to my special dish.

When my dish is ready I was so happy by looking it delicious color and taste. When I serve to my family members they all were said “Wow!!!!!” I was so happy when I was heard this word from them. Also, I can’t believe when my hubby really like it so much and told me I want to eat more. Oh my god, it’s really big surprise for me because he never like beetroot, coconut or more sweet dishes then also he want to eat more beetroot coconut ladoo. It’s really an amazing experience of beetroot special recipe.  My family members really like it a lot and papa told me that do it more we want to eat beetroot coconut laddu.

You can also do it at your home for celebrating any kind of festival. I am decided to do beetroot coconut laduu on this ‘Rakhi festival’ because my brother also dislikes beetroot and I wish he really like this dish. You can also serve beetroot coconut ladoo as sweet dish in your kids party or any kind of party. You can also serve beetroot coconut laduu after finishing of dinner.

1. 1 cup dry grated coconut
2. 2 tbsp beetroot juice
3. 2 tbsp sugar powder
4. 2 tbsp milk
5. 2 tbsp finely chopped Almond
6. Pinch cardamom powder

1. Take a bowl, add sugar powder and chopped almond in it, mix it properly.
almond & sugar
Almond and sugar powder
2. Now, add 2 tbsp beetroot juice in it and mix it properly.
add beetroot juice
add beetroot juice
3. Now, add 2 tbsp milk in it and again mix it properly till sugar completely mix in it.
add milk in beetroot
Add milk in beetroot mixture
4. Take a bowl of grated coconut and add pinch cardamom powder in it and mix it properly. (Note: Its used just for flavor you can avoid it)
grated coconut
Add Cardamom powder
5. Now, add little little mixture of beetroot juice to the bowl of grated coconut and mix it.
beetroot juice with coconut
Add beetroot mixture

6. When you can easily make balls from coconut mixture then no need to add more beetroot juice in it.
beetroot coconut laddu mixture
Beetroot coconut laddu mixture is ready
7. Try to make small balls from the remaining mixture of coconut. (Oh wow, Its look like a Jamun fruits.)
beetroot coconut ladoo
Beetroot coconut ladoo
8. Now, put it into refrigerator for an hour. 

Tip: Garnish it with the help of mint leaves.

recipe of beetroot coconut laddu
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  1. Beetroot is really so effective and also it is so testy so why not we should we eat or drink this.
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