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recipe of karari noodle bhel

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
cunchy noodle bhel
Karari noodle bhel
Karari noodles bhel is really very tangy and spicy noodle chaat. When i tried it at my home, every one like it so much. You can serve it at tea time. Here, i used veg hakka noodles and just fried it with the help of corn flour and it become crispy. Its my innovation you can also do it at your own home. Trust me, you also like it so much.

1. 1 cup boiled noodles (No need overcook)
2. 1/2 cup fried corn flakes
3. 1/2 cup fried chana chor 
4. 1/2 cup spicy chana dal
5. 1/2 cup spicy peanuts
6. 1 tbsp coriander leaves
7. 1 large size onion
8. 1 large size tomato
9. 2 green chillies
10. 1 lemon juice
11. salt / black salt (taste wise)
12. 1/2 cup cornflour
13. 1 teaspoon red chili powder(optional)

Recipe for fry noodles:

1. Take a boiled noodles and drain excess water from it. 
2. Take a plate, add boiled noodles in it. sprinkle corn flour on it and mix it properly till it become dry and separate from each other. (Note: use more cornflour if needed)
3. Heat a pan and fry the noodle till it become crispy. Transfer it to plate.

Fried noodles & corn flakes

Recipe for karari bhel:
1. Take a plate, Finely chopped all vegetables in it.
2. Now, take a bowl, add chopped vegetables in it and add salt and red chili powder in it and mix it.
3. Now, add fried chana dal, chana chor, spicy peanuts, corn flakes, and noodles in it.
Bhel Ingredients
4. Now, mix it properly and add lemon juice and coriander leaves in it again mix it.
5. Now, your spicy, tangy and yummy karari noodles bhel is ready to serve.
crunchy noodle bhel
karari noodle bhel

Tip: You can add dry fruits at garnish time.

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