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recipe of mango burfi

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minute
Total time: 40 minutes
Calories: 250
mango burfi
Mango burfi with varakh
mango burfi with almond
Mango burfi with dry fruits

Mango burfi is really very nice sweet dish. Mango burfi gives delicious flavor and taste of ripe mango. You can also do it at your home. Mango burfi recipe is very easy. I don't like sweet dishes but i really like mango burfi because of mango's flavor and taste. 

Yesterday i was do it at my home and trust me its really very yummy. My mom and dad like it so much. Here, you can change sugar quantity as per your taste. Oh yes, you can store it in a refrigerator for a week.

1. 500 gms juice of ripe mango
2. 200 gms grated sugarless pulp from milk (Molo mavo)
3. 2 cup sugar
4. 10 - 12 almond chopped
5. 10 - 12 cashewnuts chopped
6. 1 tbsp ghee

1. Take a non - stick pan, add mango juice and sugar in it and stir it continuously on medium flame.
2. When mango juice become semi thick then add sugar less pulp (molo mavo) in it and stir it continuously on low flame.
3. When its become thick and seperate from the pan then turn off the stove.
4. Take a plate, grease it by using ghee and transfer the mango burfi mixer to plate.
5. Spread it over the plate and sprinkle chopped dryfuits on it and put it aside for 30 minutes.
6. Now, cut it into diamond shape by using cutter.
7. Put it in a refrigerator for chill it. 
8. Now, its ready to serve and impress your guest.

1. You can also sprinkle dry coconut powder on it.
2. You can also apply silvar varakh on it.
3. You can also add dry coconut powder in it.
recipe of mango burfi
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