Tuesday, 30 April 2013

recipe of rice papad

Prep Time: 
Cook Time: 20 - 25

rice papad with cumin seeds and green chillies flavor
Rice papad khichu
1.     1Kg. Rice flour,
2.     50gm green chillies,
3.     25gm cumin seeds,
4.     2-tbsp soda-bi-carb,
5.     Salt to taste.
6.     Oil

Method to prepare Khichu:
1.  Finely crush green chillies, cumin seeds in mixer.
2.  Take double water as compare to rice flour.
3.  Heat the water in thick bottom vassal and add crush material in it.
4.  Then, add soda-bi-carb, salt in it.
5. When water bubbling then add flour slowly over the water. Do not mix the water and flour.
6.  Spread flour over the water with spoon and cover the vassal with dish.
7.  After 30 minutes water absorbed and covers the flour.
8. Then take wooden spoon and stirring continuously in one dimension.
9.  Mix well up to all water and flour showing like a dough.
10. Kichu is ready to eat.
Note: You can eat with oil, and green chilli paste.

Method for making Papad:

1. Take small portion of khichu in plate and mix it properly for making dough.  
2. After that heat water in vassal and steam this dough for 5-minutes.
3. Take a two plastic bags and cut in to round shape. Put in papad machine.
4. In between of both plastic bag put small boll of dough.
5. Cover the machine and press it with its handle.
6. Open the machine and boll is spared into round shape.
7. Take this papad with plastic bag and leave this papad over the cloth.
8. Leave in the sun until they become totally dry, store for long time.
9. Heat oil in a vassal for fry dry papad.


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