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I am  mona patelI have been studied MBA in HR specialization from GTU (Gujarat Technological University).  I also completed BCA from Bhavnagar University.  My birth date is on 30th - Aug - 1989. I am 24 years old.  I had an experience of an HOD (Head of the Department) of BBA at Nandkunvarba Mahila College, Bhavnagar.  Right now, I just left over it and suffering for new job related to my educational qualification. 
My favorite colors are all but some special favorite colors like - purple, pink, white and black. I like natural scenes, natural flowers specially roses and dollar, natural fruits like mangoes and watermelons.  My favorite movies are Ek Baby Tin Badmaas, Tare Zameen Par, Jasus Bandar, Zathura, Jumanji and all horror movies.  My hobbies are cooking, drawing, listening sad songs, watching TV shows, watching new movies with friends, and enjoy every moments of my life. My favorite foods are all Gujarati dishes, all Punjabi dishes, Chinese food like noodles and Chinese bhel, all soups, any kinds of starters except Paneer, Italian food like pizza and other foods like chocolates, pani puri , any spicy street foods.
Now, what I say about myself????  Hahahahahahahahahahhaha.....  I am too much emotional, soft hearted, naughty girl. I like to make new friends; want to know their hobbies, their culture, their nature, their likes and dislikes etc. 
One day, I just seated with my besty (Mr. Yogesh Patel) and talk about my life and just think what I have to do now?????????? Suddenly, one idea came in our mind to create a food blog and within a second We share it with each other. Such, a very nice idea developed in our mind and it really enhance my hobby. My besty (Mr. Yogesh Patel) motivate me a lot to work on this blog.
We both immediately began to think about the blog like What to name it, which type of recipes put it to the blog, how to keep the text, how its look like, which type of pictures use in blog, how to put a picture as back ground image of the blog, which type of outlook  given to the blog etc.  Really, we both lost in the blog work in the way that everything was forgotten. Also, we were not realized time. Suddenly we realized that we all had to think if it is 4 to 5 hours had passed. Suddenly, I just said to my besty that “Oh my god, it’s too late my mom and dad wait for me at my home. So, I just have to go I am sorry. We will do it at any other day. ”
But does u know what we completed???????? Almost, 90% work of our blog totally completed by me and my besty.  Yes, it’s true…… hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……. We can’t believe on it. After so many confusions on selection of blog URL name like cook-dairy, food-gallary, food-zone, food-cafĂ©, spicy-food, daily-cooking-with-us, and etc. Thank God….. Finely, our blog URL name decides by us is “therecipies.blogspot.in”. We both are happy with this URL name of our food blog. Our blog “therecipies.blogspot.in” birth date is – 26th – April – 2013 at 02:00 pm.
Now, we feels that we start a new journey of our life with “therecipies.blogspot.in” and you all are the members and sweet parts of our journey. So, once again we both are heartily welcome to all of you to become a member and part of our wonderful journey. So, just stay with us in our lovely journey and enjoy daily and easy foods from “therecipies.blogspot.com”.
At this blog, I tried to represent very easy, quick, delicious, yummy and healthy dishes. Also, I try to make it with simple and easily available ingredients. So, you feel relax for enjoy all kinds of vegetarian dishes at any time at your home. I also tried to make it so simple and easy with representing such types of its process pictures with its descriptions. I am very conscious for your health, time, and efforts given by you. You can also feel free to ask any kinds of question related to recipes posted in “therecipies.blogspot.in”. You can also give your lovely comments and also put your recipes request. I will surely try to fulfill it as soon as possible.
You can also send an email on cookbook3018@gmail.com.......  Feel free and enjoy all kinds of healthy and vegetarian food in “therecipies.blogspot.in”.  I will eagerly wait for your comments and recipe requests.
Have a Good day to all of you……. J J


  1. yup.. Good Good....... :)

  2. I love the Home Made Ice Cream. I saw you post on facebook and the Picture sold me. My next goal will be the Bhakhari Pizza. Ill come with Feed Back! Thanks

  3. Thanks Mona patel, as from the long time m looking for this kind of site(vegetarian only). i hope my search is complete now, so keep it up and give us good recipes. Definitely try all these n let u know the feedback.

    :) my son will say aap saare experiments mere per hee karte ho, (sometime failed also) now with yr experience m able to impress him..:) :)


    1. ya i eagerly wait for ur lovely feedback :)...... and at my home, my big brother always told me tum saare experiments muj pe hi karti ho (sometime failed also)...... hahahahhhahahahahahaha...... chalta hai sab ... niche gir ne se hi to chal na sikhate hai hum..... Thnx 4 ur cmnt :)

  4. Thank You so much dear.. :)

  5. This was good but need some more information about your recipe like details of recipe, how you can prepare it,restaurant in satya nketan delhi


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